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We are a full-service firm dedicated to providing market intelligence and analysis of global agriculture trade.

Our business model is simple. We have compiled a vast network of resources around the globe to provide clear, accurate market intelligence in a timely manner. Combined with our collective experience in market and policy analysis, as well as our exclusive databases of trade, production, and tariff statistics, we provide in-depth market analysis and provide market reports on a subscription basis.

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  • Clear, concise, market intelligence from analysts with experience throughout the global agriculture sector
  • Exporter assistance: market overviews, on-the-ground analysis, production/consumption/trade forecasts, analysis of tariffs/market access, and strategy recommendations for a host of commodities and countries
  • Specific project analysis of business planning, strategies, and tactics for global production, processing, and marketing projects
  • Export analysis and forecasts by commodity group
  • Monthly trade reports outlining market conditions through data analysis and market discussion
  • Email alerts and updates: putting the data/analysis behind the headlines and assessing market impacts of market access restrictions, competitive shifts, and current issues
  • International Meat Market Update: A monthly newsletter providing unique analysis of key issues around the globe, also including an overview of recent trade stats and watchlist items
  • Quarterly webinars outlining market expectations, shifting political winds, competitive analysis, forecasts, and watchlist items for key global agricultural commodities
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Quote left It is estimated that every dollar of U.S. agriculture exports generates an additional $1.48 in supporting industries, roughly $171 209 billion in added value in 2013. Quote right
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