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It is estimated that every dollar of agriculture export value generates an additional $1.48 in supporting industries, roughly $171 billion in added value last year alone.

Our Products

Our knowledge and analysis provide the framework of our services. Please take a minute to download our PDF A Quick Trip Around The Protein World: An Overview of Global AgriTrends to learn more about what we do.


If you are interested in pursuing our services the following packages are available:


This includes a copy of our monthly newsletter, International Meat Market Update, as well as email updates/alerts as news breaks and global agriculture markets move. Also, we provide quarterly webinars (3rd month of the quarter) with a concise “around the world” look at global trends and news items. Also, members are provided phone/email access to Global AgriTrends analysts.

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The Global Meat Market Update is in its 7th year of production. This newsletter is published mid-month and offers unique analysis on current meat trade issues. Also, a rundown of recent trade statistics (U.S. and global) is included with a current “Watchlist” of issues to keep on your radar.

Fee: US$99/year - Contact us for group rates or co-branding opportunities

AgriTrends Down Under

Our market expert Simon Quilty discusses his view of the global protein markets from his perspective. Simon’s experience spans the globe as a meat trader, analyst, and thinker. His forward-focused outlooks and analysis generate keen interest in the global agriculture arena. These reports are focused on global beef markets as well as the global flow of products to Asia in light of their massive protein supply gap.

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These reports are market focused (such as the China/Hong Kong Pork Import report) and are prepared monthly as customs data is released. These markets are trade-flow focused meaning that key importing country reports are based on IMPORT data, while key exporting country reports are based on EXPORT data. The following reports are currently available:

Pork Imports: Pork Exports:
Japan Europe
S. Korea Canada
China/Hong Kong U.S.

Fee: US$145/month for individual reports - Contact us for multiple report discounts.


Looking to expand global sourcing options? Or considering an overseas investment? Our market specific research begins with a discussion of the project. We are available to assist in strategy formulation, tactic development, and market analysis. Former projects include analysis of Middle East beef markets, N. African Poultry markets, and a comprehensive review and forecast of the Chinese hog and corn sectors.

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We provide presentations to a wide variety of companies and organizations around the globe. Consider the possibility of a fresh comparison to your organization’s view of the global markets. Or would an educational presentation on global market influences help your group expand their perspectives? Please book in advance as schedules fill up. Our presentations offer a mix of education and market analysis and can be customized to your needs.

Presentation Topics:

Global MegaTrends in Agriculture

A longer-term outlook of global food demand. Populations and rising incomes are fueling demand. China's 1.3 billion are rapidly entering the global middle class in a country clinging to food self-sufficiency. And while future demand for food is rising sharply, farmers are becoming more efficient. But many consumers are seeking food produced with "yield-reducing practices" (organic, antibiotic free, etc); how could (and should) the market reconcile this dilemma?

Is China the Market of the Future

This presentation gives a deeper background on the Chinese agriculture policies, trends, issues, and potential. Half of the global pigs live in China. The market is complicated, diverse, and vast. China imported $8.5 billion worth of meat and poultry last year. 1.4 billion need 3 meals a day – where will those meals come from? And what can U.S. beef, pork, and poultry expect in the future?

Trump, Trade, and Global Pork, Beef, Poultry (or Ag)

The election of President Trump has shifted the U.S. trade focus. This affects some key trading relationships but not others. How has U.S. trade policy impacted U.S. agriculture exports and what are expectations for the future. Includes a rundown of key Trump trade issues.

Global Market Update and Outlook (Beef, Pork, or Poultry)

A scan of global trade including key drivers. Currencies, competitors, and markets are explored, including an outlook, forecasts, and a watchlist of key factors.

Presentation Fees

Due to varying topics, prep time, and travel needs, these rates vary by project.

The standard rate for a presentation in the continental U.S. and Canada is US$5,800, US$3,800 for existing clients. We suggest 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for Q/A.


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It is estimated that every dollar of agriculture export value generates an additional $1.48 in supporting industries, roughly $171 billion in added value last year alone.